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So many gay apps are driven toward a singular approach to sex in dating.

We are carving out our own path, one that does not need to be conditional on the idea that sex and relationships need to be mutually exclusive, but rather that by championing connection and bringing people together in a way in which they personally find most meaningful.

The Tie The Knot X  Chappy panel with Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Lea Delaria was live streamed to our followers, and users could win a date with their favorite influencer at the  Chappy party via the app.  Our partner, Spring Place, also opened their doors to their members so they too could experience our brand activations and be a part of our  Chappy  Pride celebrations.

Statistically speaking, how do you know if an app is successful?

What does is mean to be the head of brand at  Chappy?

Its Youtube videos and online advertisements promote inclusivity, showcasing a range of men from all walks of life—and not just those who live at the gym.

We’re redefining the gay dating space and are really proud of that. Connection, in all of its forms, is limitless and we intend to push the boundaries of how we bring people together. You’ve had a string of private events over Pride Month.

How is  Chappy looking to grow its audience year-over-year? What was the purpose of doing this when they weren’t open to the general public?

Every  Chappy user has to take the pledge when they first download the app, agreeing to behave with respect.

We have large moderation teams who regulate spam and abuse, all users have to have photos with their faces in to reduce catfishing and screenshot warnings were introduced to protect people’s private conversations.

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Dating is not impossible, and at  Chappy we are proud to provide a space that makes it possible on your own terms.

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