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And the rumor also said that SMAP already achieved many success, so they have to be disbanded to give an oportunity to their juniors.Then, they conclude that maybe the same thing will happen to Arashi. She is slightly taller than Nino and fiercely independent. But maybe a little, yes, because he's young to be getting married (for a Johnnys) but... Life becomes a huge blur of concerts and TV recordings and studio time and wedding planning and magazine interviews and cake tasting and photoshoots and maybe a little sleep every now and then. They ended up talking about random things that only drunk people talk about and then got into bed together because it was really Ohno and Aiba's room so they had to leave the other bed free. Nino is staying in his apartment until after the wedding day where he and Yumi will move into the small house they've just made a down payment on. Ohno is an idiot and Ohno says really, really stupid things sometimes and now Nino can't sleep so he picks up his phone and nearly keys the words in with his eyes closed so he doesn't have to see them. And somewhere he started to really like her, then he started to love her. Obviously she knew who he was and had seen him on TV before they even met. She has nothing to do with the entertainment business and instead is a former surfing instructor turned business-owner (various beach sports supplies). Then Jun asks him if he's worried and he doesn't know the answer. Things are becoming a little out of control in his mind with all of the fame and popularity and suddenly his face is on an airplane and now he wants to get married. He’s proud of himself for how competently he’s doing his job even though a million thoughts are running through his head at once. A little over a year and a half ago when Ohno and Nino were sharing a hotel room together and Ohno opened up the minibar and then they nearly cleaned the whole thing out together. It's not the way Ohno normally jokes around, but he does the unexpected sometimes. He wondered if he was coming on too strong but she seemed to want to spend time with him too. " "I don't think you really want me to." "I don't know what I want. Or Nino just really knows his way around a deck of cards. In other news, I read that Sho has celebrated her birthday at an expensive hotel.Did you also remember when Sho mentioned in Music Station that he start to learning piano again because his friend wants him to playing piano at his wedding.

19, Satoshi Ohno opened the stage by addressing the article that Friday magazine published a few days ago, which claimed that Satoshi was dating and living with a 24-year-old former actress.

But the mass media didn't dig it too much like they did to Sho (poor Sho 😟).

When the rumor about Nino comes out, there are several people who shouted "Ayako" at Arashi's concert during Nino's solo.

And there is rumor that Arashi will be disbanded as what happened to SMAP.

They said that maybe after Sho getting married, he will leave Johnny's Entertainment and focus on his career as a newscaster.

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Just because of work, they see each other all the time. He could be at home making his own dinner watching his own TV... Nino looks at him for a long time trying to formulate a reply.

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