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He kept his eyes locked forward—away from the woman assumed to be his partner—and shook his head “no,” waiting for the camera to move on to some other pair.

Shprintzen thinks he apologized to the woman afterward, though he’s not sure why.

All he can recall is the total embarrassment of the situation.

Looking back on it, he says he’s disgusted with both his own reaction to it and the fact that he was put into the situation at all.

But once people started to boo, they kissed and waved.

The experiences Shprintzen and Wade had are not the kinds teams are hoping for when they put people on the Jumbotron.

The kiss cam is designed to be a fun stunt, something to keep fans engaged and entertained during game breaks.

It’s usually good for a laugh or two, but in an evolving world, one in which we’re having complicated and nuanced discussions about sexism, agency, and consent, it’s worth asking what role—if any—the kiss cam has in our current sports culture.

What can seem like a routine in-game gimmick can come with a deeper significance. Ten years ago, Shprintzen moved from New York to Chicago for grad school.

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