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Any specific location info – GPS co-ordinates or map-indicated – you can provide to improve this post would be appreciated.

So too would any jpg images you would be willing to make available to others who share your passion and interest.

However, it is still a great introduction to his work.

Hard copies of the book are difficult to come by so an easily available first edition is great news.

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Over the years they have published a number of articles and books on their archeological work.Update: I’ve scanned the 57 pages of additional material from the 1967 second edition of the book. The following fifty-year-old Dewdney maps show clearly that the heart of Ontario pictograph country lies from Lake Nipigon to the Manitoba border, with Quetico and Lake of the Woods being the primary locations.Another insightful introduction to Ojibwa pictographs in Ontario is the book whose cover is pictured here.It may be the nature of the source I used; it may be my bad interpretation of that source.Over time I hope to eliminate most of the inaccurate information.

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Recently (fall 2016) an updated edition of Discovering Rock Art: A Personal Journey With Tribal Elders was released.

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