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Then, we must force the “bad half” to conform to the dictates of the “good half.” This process of “divide, reject, and change” transforms life into a struggle and carries on indefinitely, leaving in its wake a reservoir of pain, fear, and aggression.True spirituality is the subtlest expression of non-violence. We must be willing to move into the darkest areas of our life and Love ourselves out of the darkness through mindfulness and patience.

They can be induced by drugs, by dangerous or frightening experiences, by meditation, or spinning, but they all seem to come back to the same biological hard-wiring that is then interpreted through the glasses of the person's worldview.

Here is my answer: Simply put, spirituality is not about changing yourself or creating a newer-better you.

It is not a rejection of yourself, but a getting to know yourself in the most intimate way possible.

Given the difficulty of reducing complex worldviews into simple data points, these sites need to create a category for people who may feel or even "experience" that "there is something more", but do not subscribe to any formal religious ideology.

This is similar to the caveat of "organized" that people put before religion when describing what they dislike, as if not belonging to an official organization excuses a variety of crackpot beliefs.

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