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However, suppose you already have a Customers table with a field to the current form using a drop-down list that contains all the customers.

This makes data entry more efficient (the users just select a name from the list instead of typing it) and more accurate (the users can't misspell the customer name).

As with data validation, however, these prompts are not guaranteed to work every time (or even most of the time). An input mask is a kind of template that shows the users how to enter the data and prevents them from entering incorrect characters (such as a letter where a number is required).

For example, here's an input mask for a phone number: Each underscore (_) acts as a placeholder for (in this case) a digit, and the parentheses and dash appear automatically as the user enters the number.

In some cases you can achieve both goals with a single technique.

For example, asking someone to type a customer name manually is both slow and prone to misspellings.

You can prevent improper entries to a certain extent by adding text that provides details on what is allowable inside a particular cell.

You have two choices: For example, Figure 3.1 shows the Mortgage Calculator form.

Data Type limits what type of data to be entered (E.g. Validation Rule will give even more specific criteria for the entered value (E.g. Make sure that the Validation Rule is following with selected Data Type. There still lots of validation rules that can be applied.Greg used to work for a large Fortune 500 company, and he says that the company made its data entry clerks enter all data : One clerk would enter the data in a file and then, when finished, another clerk would enter the same data.Then a comparison would be run to find exceptions where data didn't match, and that would then be reconciled.Viewing, summarizing, and analyzing the data are meaningless if the table you're working with contains erroneous or improper data.For basic data errors (for example, entering the wrong date or transposing a number's digits), there's not a lot you can do other than exhorting yourself or the people who use your forms to enter data carefully.

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