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Realize that every person is a DIVINE ASPECT and before incarnating, we agreed to forget our Divinity.We chose to be here on Earth for this incredible time in history, so be joyful and grateful for ‘waking up’ and being part of this planetary ascension!), pass up reading the magazines or thinking about what you are going to make for dinner.Instead, be receptive and conscious of who might be coming into your space. Be bold and say hi to people, initiate conversations and SMILE!

If you're really into it, there will be no way to stop you to make this first date good.

They may be taller, shorter, thinner, or thicker, so let go of the attachment to how someone appears and look deeper.

As we thoroughly enjoy and experience every person we encounter, we can appreciate their uniqueness and see their Divinity.

Conscious dating is more fun than the traditional style of dating, and it yields much better results.

As we raise our vibrational frequencies and approach fifth-dimensional living, it’s more and more important to practice Spiritual Dating with respect to meeting a life partner as our thoughts and feelings are manifesting extremely fast.

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Choosing the right partner is a difficult task and one must always be careful with it, but yes, should always keep taking risks until he / she gets a perfect!

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