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In real life, people aren't perfect and a lot of books have characters that are perfect from beginning to end.While I have loved these books, I loved that Bree was able to realize her potential for addiction and was able to gear in another direction; the direction being Max.Yes, Ma x was a bit of a know-all asshat who thought he could tell Bree what to do, but Bree frequently pointed out that he was wrong.Bree kept strong throughout, OK I personally would have liked to see more of her taking charge professionally rather than helping Max all the time but she was funny and believed in herself.Max & Bree's Romantic Adventure Five exciting stars I was so totally thrilled to now read and enjoy the second book to this wonderful romance series, Taking Chances. After just loving the previous book, Twisted Up I was so willing to continue this close relationship of these two close friends, Max Grady and Bree Mc Dermott. Bree was the Officer who patrolled town where and if they were expecting another tornado.When eventually they both knew they would have to work together. Just loving this exciting romantic adventure for the two complete love birds I thoroughly enjoyed this wonderful exciting novel so very much. Slick and Rosalie's reviews: Slick's 3 star review I have always loved Erin Nicholas’ work so it pains me that Tangled Up fell a little flat for me. While Bush will no longer be a series regular, there is a chance that the actress — who is exiting the show of her own accord — will return for a guest-starring arc to wrap up Lindsay’s storyline.The character was last seen contemplating a job offer at the FBI’s counter-terrorism unit in New York City, while ignoring a call from ex-boyfriend Jay Halstead, at the close of the Season 4 finale.

While I had some issues with Tangled Up, I still enjoyed the banter, the friendships, and the way the community pulled together to help one another and rebuild following the tornado.When Max made some particularly offensive comment about never being able to hang out with a girl who got scared by storms, he could sleep with them but he couldn't spend real time with them, my heart sank.Oh, the agony of having requested a book from Net Galley when you disliked the previous book. I liked this book so much better than the first book.The Chance novels are heavy on the detail of tornadoes - how a small town copes when it sits in tornado alley and gets hit time after time.How small town emergency services cope with devastating natural weather patterns.

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