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Those are your greatest prospects for future business. In marketing, you can’t simply blast your audience with messages about how much you rock and hope to find a perfect union (complete with a crescendo in the background). Work to solve the problems they have and communicate solutions to them.

It's probably safe to say that anyone who has tried online dating has some crazy stories to tell. Perhaps you will spend thousands on ads that are mistargeted and don’t bring results. Hopefully, you won’t make the mistake of advertising "white beauty" like Dove, sharing a QR Code that links to a porn site like Heinz or promoting rape culture like Bloomingdale's.

Make sure your blog comments require approval before they post. If your stalkers are simply fans who love you, take advantage of the energy.

Create conversations, ask questions and engage them.

Similarly, you can use black-hat techniques to rank high, but it will erode trust with future prospects and tarnish your reputation.

Instead, take the time to build trust with your audience by writing to people, not search engines.

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Whether you are doing business or meeting new people online, it is imperative to build trust.

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