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Each have a mandated duty to serve and ensure justice for domestic violence victims.When Thinadhoo’s hospital failed to meet Samiya’s needs, the emergency room at Malé’s Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital proved no better — despite operating a Family Protection Unit, a special department set up to help victims of domestic violence.Too many structures, still no system Today, many Maldivians condemn sexual violence.

Research links violence against women with unequal power relations between men and women.

Over the following weeks, local newspapers tracked her health closely; on social media, Maldivians pleaded for blood donations to save her. We all of know this from a 2007 government study, the most exhaustive scientific examination of violence in the Maldives to date. Samiya’s story, however, offers little reason to believe much has changed — even after lawmakers enacted the 2012 Domestic Violence Prevention Act.

We have continued to fail victims of domestic violence in the three years since this law has been on thee books.

Mainstream media report on sexual abuse as a social impediment.

Friday sermons continue to condemn sexual offenses — but now recognize violence as such an offence.

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Yet untold numbers of Maldivian women and children still die from gender violence; many more suffer and survive in spite of it, unreported.

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