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And Pokora had gradually become enmeshed in a series of schemes that would have alarmed his younger self: infiltrating game developers’ networks, counterfeiting an Xbox prototype, even abetting a burglary on Microsoft’s main campus.

Pokora had long been aware that his misdeeds had angered some powerful interests, and not just within the gaming industry; in the course of seeking out all things Xbox, he and his associates had wormed into American military networks too.

The trip to Delaware was only supposed to last a day.

David, who was in the passenger seat, was startled by the question.

An hour into their journey on March 28, 2014, the Pokoras crossed the Lewiston–Queenston Bridge and hit the border checkpoint on the eastern side of the Niagara Gorge.

An American customs agent gently quizzed them about their itinerary as he scanned their passports in his booth.

What captivated him about the game was not its violence but rather the seeming magic of its controls; he wondered how a boxy beige machine could convert his physical actions into onscreen motion. Pokora dabbled in coding throughout elementary school, building tools like basic web browsers.

But he became wholly enamored with the craft as a preteen on a family trip to Poland.

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