Libra star sign compatibility chart for dating

Despite Libra’s obliging nature, if the balance of power in a Libra-Scorpio relationship is too out of kilter for too long a time, sooner or later it will have to resort to some decidedly disagreeable, and totally out-of-character, measures to tip the scales back in its favor again.

For the Libra woman, compatibility means the ultimate romantic dream.Libra is keen to make the peace and forgive and forget, but Scorpio is more likely to hold a grudge and seek its revenge.LIBRA-SCORPIO SEXUAL COMPATIBILITY Sexually, Libra and Scorpio may not always click initially.Socially they often work well together: with Libra's charm and diplomacy and the Scorpion's hypnotic personal charisma, they have the ability to attract others magnetically towards them.Okay, so Scorpio's bluntness can sometimes cause problems, but because people-pleasing Libra is always ready to smooth things over, no real harm is usually done.

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