Lack of communication in dating

You can show them through loving touch,, but absence of love can cause pain like nothing else can.

Too often we automatically say “I love you” in order to solve a conflict with our partners and forget to show love in a real, tangible way that speaks to our partner’s needs.

Reverse this pattern: consciously show your partner that you love them every day, and by doing that, your connection will deepen.

Do this in a way that speaks best to their personal preferences and needs.

You probably know which communication style prefer, but what about your partner?

We are all unique and respond to different stimuli in distinct ways, and effective communication with your partner will come from acknowledging this.

Contribution is our source of meaning— it determines who we become and solidifies our legacy, who we are and our role in the world. Your partner may be communicating exactly what the problem is, but if you’re not listening, you’ll miss it.

Consider what you give to your partner and how you can give more. Resist the pull of just waiting for your partner to finish what they’re saying so you can launch into your “turn.” That isn’t listening, it’s waiting to talk.

Once you discover which needs matter the most to your partner, you’ll know how to communicate better and in a way that satisfies and fulfills them. It’s this need that drives us to seek out pleasure and avoid pain, stress and emotional risks.How to communicate better is about realizing what “language” your partner best understands and giving them love in that way.Remember, love is about giving, not getting, and you should always be focused on how you can give more..But she’s still not responsive, and he can’t figure out why.How many of us have experienced this lack of communication in relationships? People often confuse communication for talking or making conversation, and this is the root cause of why many of these same people are so unsuccessful when it comes to how to communicate better.

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