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Look at these tips: She should be ready for this The first kiss shouldn’t be a sudden surprise. It can be a park, an embankment or a porch of her house.The last option is perfect because it is considered the final stage of a date. When you kiss a girl for the very first time, it is necessary to do it quickly, without excessive passion, and it is better to kiss her on the cheek. Having prepared her with an innocent kiss on the cheek, try to kiss her neck, ears and touch her hair (all these places are erogenous zones of women that can speed up your goal – to kiss her on the lips).For many women (and for men too), the kiss on the first date is too harsh intrusion into the personal space. There is a category of girls for whom kissing is an indispensable attribute of any romantic meeting, even the first one: these are new sensations, vivid emotions, and a kind of confirmation of one’s own attractiveness.

This is a manifestation of sensual interest, the ability to hint to a girl that she is more than a friend.Men also doubt, worry, whether it is worth taking this step, whether everything goes right and if a girl likes this date. Some believe that only light-minded ladies can kiss on the first date.There is a certain amount of truth, but kissing on the first date is not something shameful in the 21st century.However, the first date kiss can become an excellent beginning of a relationship or just destroy it.For a guy, kissing an attractive girl on the first date means to admit your liking for her and it is quite normal for him to do it on the first date.

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