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Known as part of the award-winning hip hop crew Choreo Cookie and for his self-titled You Tube channel to which he uploads dance videos he's produced and choreographed.

He has been a member of Choreo Cookie since 2010 and won the Body Rock Hip Hop Competition among many others in 2014 with the routine "The Silent Cookie." He would compete in freestyle competitions and post videos of himself dancing at them on his You Tube channel.

Dancer and choreographer known as Mariel Madrid, Mariel Martin, or as Mari, she is part of the You Tube collaboration channel Keone and Mari.

She has choreographed various acts and was a choreographer and dancer for the competitive hip hop dance team Choreo Cookies until 2015. When she turned 17, she moved to San Fransisco to dance for the competitive team Funkanometry SF.

He has said that spreading the knowledge and the joy of everything he has learned makes him incredibly happy.

He is based out of San Diego, California, with his pet Boxer named Barnaby, who has his own Instagram account, his cat Meelo, and his girlfriend Vivian.

His sister is Mariel Madrid, part of the You Tube-famous dance duo Keone and Mari, whose high video production value draws in more viewers and has launched them into mainstream fame.

Keone’s fans are interested to know about his personal and professional life. She is the partner of her husband of the You Tube channel named The couple haven’t even shared how they met, but they both are a dancer and choreographer so they must have met first at their workplace.Getting parvo virus as a young pup(20% chance of survival), breaking his leg from an attack by another dog the day before being ready for adoption, to having to have that broken leg amputated, to evacuating from his shelter in Texas and flying over to San Diego because of Hurricane Harvey, and a couple more months of being in shelter life because of minor health issues from the hurricane.Hearing this crazy first year of life is a heartbreaker, but at the end of the day me, @_marimadrid, and cocoboy wouldn’t be able to be his new family if it wasn’t for that.Thank you @hwac for being so helpful in our adoption process these last couple weeks.We love you so much Baloo boy and can’t wait to make the rest of your lifetime the best it can be!

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