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However, New Zealand hadn't read the script and have since demolished England in the first two ODIs.

Fans would have been hoping that the abysmal showing of Saturday had merely been a blip on the radar for this young and promising outfit.

I hope you took a lot of pictures with those medals, Marion, because they are going bye-bye.

First Floyd Landis and the Tour de France and now this. I actually volunteered to help conduct random urine testing for athletes at an annual track and field event.

With more experience, he probably would have done so.

However, he was completely innocent in his dismissal and one would only hope that Bopara later apologized for denying him a big innings.

So Marion Jones has finally copped to using steroids.

From what I recall, no one had any medals stripped away, and at this particular event, those running for Team Nike, Reebok, and Adidas (i.e., the famous runners) were just there for show so I don't know if they got tested. I don't know if she was on performance enhancers then, but the timing seems to match up. Now they're saying she has tarnished her legacy, but I think that's a little harsh.

I do think there is something wrong with taking performance enhancing drugs or medicaments if doing so can kill you or do serious damage to your body (like certain steroids - or all of them? I just want to understand the source of the outrage.

It appears that the people who come up with these things are always a step ahead of the regulators, and everyone is on some kind of enhancer, it just may not be illegal yet.

With experience, Mustard is likely to cut these mistakes out of his game.

Next ball, the under-pressure Ian Bell, fell for a golden duck due to an exceptional catch by keeper Mc Cullum.

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