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But if we get along well, I can become really talkative! The guy of my dreams: likes animals and would never be cruel to them, is ready to talk and do stuff together, kind and compassionate, has sense of humour, optimistic, values communication.Appearance wise, I’m 5’1, around 100lbs, dark hair, blind green eyes. Additionally would be nice (but not really necessary lol) if you’re taller than me and your eyes are blue :)Thanks for reading! I'm Julianna and I'm living in the middle of nowhere, in a forgotten land name Poland and I'm lonely as hell.I'm afraid that I can't create an interesting post to encourage anyone to write to me, but I promise to do my best.

He makes a pass and I gently turn him down.) Guy: “The f*** does that mean? You probably just haven’t had a partner that knows how to get you going.” Me: “Considering I’m a virgin, I highly doubt it.” Guy: “Wait, if you’ve never had sex, how do you know you don’t like it? Now I'm fighting with it with my stuffed sloth (I need a proper name for him, all suggestions welcome After this loooong descriptions about why you shouldn't befriend me, now I should mention some of my pros.I'm a bit nerdy - I love board games, mobile games and I'm slowly going into computer ones.(As a bit of a backstory, I am demisexual, which is on the asexuality scale.Usually leads to some interesting conversation, especially whenever I go out to a bar.

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