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It sounds as if Mr Frare’s company is doing rather well and, as you will learn, is ripe for expansion, except he can’t.

The current economic crisis and Italy’s reluctant lending institutions also have something to do with the slow rate of growth in Italy’s businesses, and that’s not to mention Italy’s politicians who spend far too much time bickering, preserving their own interests, and not working to make life easier for Italian businesses. Italy’s export market is very healthy, and saw a growth of 22% in exports to the USA alone in the first 6 months of 2011 – despite the ongoing crisis.

The naked Italian businessman in the ad is rather unhappy that Italy’s banks, despite being offered guarantees, simply will not lend him money.

This means he cannot expand and, consequently, cannot offer more jobs to Italians.

It is shameful and needs to be explained by the minister for cultural heritage.” Vittorio Sgarbi, an art critic and well-known TV personality, said only “ignorant goats” would have decided to hide the statues away.

“I don’t think President Rouhani would have been surprised to find there were nude statues in Rome,” he said.

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