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Now Kelly has revealed why he’s snubbed the show, saying: “I’ve had emails about the new Voice, but being on mainstream TV isn’t something that appeals to me.” He and bandmates RICHARD JONES, ADAM ZINDANI and JAMIE MORRISON are busy enough headlining tomorrow’s Gibraltar Music Festival.

Plus, they have recorded their tenth studio album, which should be out next year – 20 years after their first album release.

With all that going on it’s no wonder Kelly doesn’t have time. Now two years on, NATHAN SYKES has written new song I Can’t Be Mad about the end of the band, admitting the lads went through some terrible times in the final months.

Speaking about the track – on his debut album Unfinished Business, out on November 4 – he said: “I Can’t Be Mad is just so vulnerable. “There was a time just before the end where it was really, really dark.

Those who’ve seen Superbad would remember him as Mc Lovin, while he’s familiar to Kick-Ass fans as Chris D’Amico. In addition to acting, Mintz-Plasse is also a musician.

Caption: Chloe Moretz with actor Christopher while promoting Kick-Ass 2 in London (2013).

The incident not only has inclined suspicion on his sexual preference but also forced his followers to investigate on his prior relationship.

So for now, we shall be unleashing the existing relationship with his guy man followed by his low-key relationship life.

The pair had worked on the sequel of Kick-Ass 2(2013) while there is an illusion regarding the singularity of Christopher as after his image with an unexplained woman he has not further posted anything while he has posted several pictures with his male fellows.

Followingly, in the year 2016, Christopher got spotted with a man enjoying a peaceful moment at the Bronson Island.

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