Inserting updating and deleting data with the objectdatasource

The way I remember it working was you can configure your Object Data Source to pass through parameters to your db layer OR pass though the objects, NOT a combination of both.

Which means the following would be possible with the manually configured parameters: ..params on the 'Object Data Source' for this case but you may not need to do that.

Details View automatically shows the ten properties as ten fields. The Details View has Auto Generate Edit Button=true.

I set the Update Method in the Object Data Source to Update XX.

If this is not possible, what is the recommended alternative architecture?

How do I override the automatic expectation of an update method with the ten parameters of the Details View? Hi, The error is usually caused by the mismatch between updateparameter and actual assigned values for updating.

I added in the Object Data Source to define the seven parameters.

In the Object Data Source Updating event, I fill the parameters with the values from the respective fields in Details View.

Either all your methods (Insert, Update, Delete) have: When the Data Object Type Name property is set and the Object Data Source control is associated with a data-bound control, the methods that are specified by the Insert Method and Delete Method properties must each have one parameter of the type that is specified in the Data Object Type Name property.

In case when Data Object Type Name is used instead of separate parameters, the business object you are using will work.

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I would like a better understanding on how the Object Data Source works during updating.

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