Illinois laws on dating

Therefore, you may live in Illinois less than 90 days before filing, but must meet the 90-day residency requirement by the time the judgment is entered.

However, if neither party lived in Illinois for 90 days prior to the filing, the petition may be subject to dismissal if another state already had jurisdiction or if Illinois does not have jurisdiction over both parties.

While it is not required that you be represented by an attorney, the issues that will be addressed in your case will have a significant and long-term effect on your life.

Resolution of these issues, as well as the state laws and court procedures governing divorce, can be complex and overwhelming.

Even if the terms of the divorce are agreed upon in advance, the agreement must be presented to the judge.

Depending upon the issues resolved in the settlement, the judge may have questions or require information, such that usually one party, and sometimes both parties, appear in court for a 10-minute presentation to the Judge.

In Illinois, there is no waiting period for remarriage after the entry of a court order dissolving the bonds of matrimony and stating that the parties are legally free to remarry.The cost of your divorce will depend on the nature and complexity of your case.Costs include legal fees, court costs, costs of document production, and depositions.An annulment is different from a divorce because a divorce is an order ending a valid marriage.In Illinois, a marriage can be annulled if: There is no pre-filing waiting period in Illinois.

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The requirement of living “separate and apart” does not necessarily require that the parties be physically separated.

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