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You should reinvent your image with attention to all seven components of image simultaneously as you look for companionship and love with someone very desirable, someone you may have felt incapable of meeting previously. has developed his unique approach to weight loss featured at The Park Avenue Diet Center after decades of experience in internal medicine, emergency medicine and nutrition. Fischer is sought by the media as a resource specializing in providing clear explanations of complex medical information.

The good qualities that you have today will certainly last you the rest of your life. Now, in his 30th year as a practicing physician, Dr.

I don’t want to create the perception that this is all quick and easy, but small changes in several areas can add up to a big overall difference.

As we work through this makeover it’s important to remember that, while outside changes are often considered superficial, they can have a dramatically positive impact on inner traits like confidence, happiness and physical health.

These two components of image are learned behavior, and you are capable of mastering and improving these skills at any time. To get ready for that important date, think of the process as “inside-out, outside-in” reinvention.

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