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It also builds curiosity in what the answers to the question might be.

The second line of copy features a call to action, Learn more, which gets the target audience to stay and watch the rest of the video (as it’s auto playing), it also references the title of the video series helping to build further brand awareness. Instead of the usual to-camera piece with a floating head, the use of the Whiteboard makes it feel like you’re being taught at school.

The cards that follow are all interconnected by referencing the characters of the animals printed on the product and utilise relevant emojis to stand out even more.

The Shop Now CTA reminds the user that they are in a buying mind-set and there is a discount to be had on the product. Used at the top-of-funnel, this content ad helps build brand awareness whilst delivering value to the target audience.

Do you want to improve the performance of your next campaign?

By looking at some of the best Facebook ads you’ll be able to take inspiration as well as actionable ad creative insights to use for your own campaigns.

Clear link title, description & CTA: The link title below the video “Launch Your Website Today” is clear and direct, implying that this ad is for you to take the final action to launch your website.

In this article you’ll discover Facebook ad best practices by examining 11 real-world Facebook ad examples.

Before we examine each of the ad examples, it’s worth noting that without access to the Ads Manager dashboard for each of the advertisers, we don’t know the specific metrics of the ads such as Relevance Score or other key metrics so we can’t do an in-depth data analysis. Used in the middle of the sales funnel, to reduce cart abandonment, Bluehost drives people who have previously added to cart to return to the website and complete their purchase.

The short looping videos make it more immersive and engaging than regular images.

Finally, the use of a single image in the second to last carousel card breaks the expectation of another video and effectively draws attention to the 100 day trial offer.

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