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Employers file Form 940 to calculate their FUTA tax for the previous calendar year.To make sure your FUTA tax and other employment taxes are calculated correctly and deposited in a timely manner, we recommend using a trustworthy payroll service provider, such as ADP.Be aware that the IRS can audit to make sure you are classifying your workers properly.To learn more, read the Fit Small Business guide on the issues to consider when deciding to hire contractors vs. The FUTA tax rate is 6% on the first ,000 paid to each employee.If you answer yes to either of the below questions, then you must pay federal unemployment tax and file a federal 940: However, independent contractors are not considered employees.Payments to contractors are not subject to FUTA tax and payments are reported on Form 1099.

The employer’s annual FUTA tax return, which is IRS Form 940, is due by January 31 of each year to report FUTA tax liability for the previous calendar year.

SUTA tax varies not only by state but also by business within the state.

More information on the SUTA rates in your state can be found in this guide to payroll tax rates by state.

Paying state unemployment taxes on time can reduce your FUTA taxes by as much as 5.4% percentage points, meaning that you can end up paying a FUTA tax rate as low as 0.6% at the federal level on the first ,000 that each employee earns.

Regardless of how much FUTA tax you pay, you must file your federal 940 annually to report unemployment tax payments you made to the FUTA fund.

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