Helping kids cope with dating after divorce

Instead keep things gradual, and this can be applied to how you date.Take your time and get to know that person better before you decide you can trust them enough to meet for that first date.You’re more likely to snap and shout at them because you’re so busy trying to make it all work.Maybe consider day care, it might sound like you are giving away your children but it’s only for a bit.That way you can find someone not only close to your age, but also someone who can understand you better because of their maturity.On the other side if you are still younger and your children are still young, then a younger partner won’t be such an issue.You don’t owe your kids to tell them everything, but lying to them is not showing a good example; and it is also confusing for them.The best thing you can do is to take your time, do things progressively and tell your children bit by bit so they can accept and digest all that information as they go along.

If you are lying to your kids because of your new partner, they will hold it against them; and against you.After all you have to start somewhere, and you will be happy and relieved you told the truth at the right time. If you are always busy trying to juggle your love life, your work live and your children; you’re going to get stressed out pretty quickly.This in turns can have a negative effect on your relationship with your kids.This might sound logical but there is more than just your feelings at stake there, so it is the case of quality over quantity.They say ‘less is more’, and this can definitely be said about looking for that partner that is best suited to you and your family.

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Overtime once you meet someone nice who understands you and your family’s needs, then you can take the risk and eventually introduce them to your children. There is no point in introducing that new partner as ‘the new Dad or the new Mum’ to your children, as in their eyes no one will ever be able to replace that fatherly or motherly figure.

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