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article’s author, whose name is Jack Holmes, might—like so many others in the MSM—be very young.

I don’t mean “young” in relation to me—that’s just about everyone—but I mean young in the more absolute sense.

Not only did he not report it, he allowed himself and his paper to be manipulated by information JFK had wrongly obtained. Nixon’s dirty tricks and enemy lists may have been creepy and wrong, but the press exposure of these misdemeanors came after years of ignoring similar and worse malfeasance by Democrat administrations. That transforms it from a heroic crusade into a political hit job, Democrat hackery masquerading as nobility.

The Germans are doing a great job.’ You see, at the time, there really was a bedbug epidemic in Warsaw and the author of the book from where Stephens got that quote said it should be taken literally.” Layers and layers of fact checkers and editors. “News item: CNN’s ratings for its ‘town hall’ meetings with Democratic candidates are in the tank… How about a seven-hour town hall with the Democratic candidates on——climate change! ” Sorry, it’s not a real telethon until they start importing holograms of Jerry Lewis, Frank Sinatra, and Dean Martin (and holographic cigarette smoke, to boot, but that might interfere with the “save the climate” spiel). Lyndon Baines Johnson would later increase the politically motivated auditing and spying. Ben Bradlee — the editor of the where Woodward and Bernstein broke the Watergate story — was well aware of his pal Kennedy’s misuse of the tax and investigative agencies.

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This is the first book that Roger has self-published.

(He explained his reasons here.) As conservatives, we should all applaud — and support — such efforts.

Self-publishing puts authors in the driver’s seat, freeing them from the whims of corporate book publishers and Big Tech control freaks. 35 Obama Gaffes to Make Biden Feel Better About Himself.

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JACK HACKED: Twitter Founder’s Account Posts a Series of Racist, Nazi Tweets.

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