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I’d much rather publish content I really love and believe in that’s fun to create, rather than just pounding out content simply for traffic..UPDATE 2.0: I found a way to keep it going and I hope it works.It won’t be the usual intense in and out action like most erotic stories. https://lapetitemort17.A Unique Gift This is part one of a new series I want to write that mixes mind control with transformation elements.I’ve been working on this idea for a while, and I want it to be a rich and satisfying tale. Because it’s NSFW (Not Safe for Work) I’ve decided to publish it on my new sister site to Phicklephilly called, La Petite Mort. This is the first time I have written something primarily based on mind control and while this first part is very smut heavy later parts will have more focus on the mind control aspects for other purposes (as well as smut).Or do you enjoy that subtle slow tease some women offer?Many of our users come from all over the world, so we encourage cultural exchanges that can result in a positive experience for all.

I’m sure I’m going to be laughing out loud writing them. Cherie My lovely girlfriend Cherie will continue to appear every Monday at 8am. But when a friend of mine ran into some problems in his relationship, I decided to write more.

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But I also had the opportunity to write about my young life playing as a musician in several rock and roll bands. (Search: Renegade) Wildwood Daze) (Union Jacks) Now it’s time to tell the crazy, winding tale of my journey from New Jersey to Los Angeles in the early 80’s.

It was a mad time to be a young, good-looking musician in a rock band in L. So get ready for the real insanity to begin in 2019!!

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Also, for our m IRC users we will post all of the necessary commands and their functions.

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