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You can always update your preferences in the Privacy Centre.Dating experts are constantly telling us to “maintain healthy boundaries” with men. Are there boundaries that you should be enforcing that you’re not even aware of?A man simply can't fall in love with you if he doesn't first feel protective toward you.

Meanwhile, quality guys — emotionally mature and giving — will pass right by.

And because following the rules ensures that men respect you from the very first hello. Not if they reflect your authentic self — that beautiful, fiery essence inside every woman — and allow you to be relaxed and confident with men. The Rules show us how to create a healthy dynamic in dating that will then . In a healthy relationship, you feel that you are enough, just as you are; your partner isn't going to reject you just because you've gained a little weight, lost your job, or become ill.

When life gets tough, you know you have each others' backs. It is very difficult to change old patterns and adopt new, healthier behaviors.

I believe that you must always be authentic and real to attract healthy love, and I incorporate many complementary strategies into my approach.

(In fact, as important as The Rules are, they are really just Step 1 in terms of understanding men and relationships!

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