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Hazal is energetic dynamo and loves to sing and do the tango, she palyed the violin and attended ballet lessons for years before she got bored and left all.

She also has degrees in swimming and is full of life.

She and her real-life husband, the handsome Kivanc Kasabali, is known to lead a private, happy life away from the paparazzi.

This lovely couple who has been together for the last 11 years were recently seen with their friend Kivanc Tatlitug, her co-star in Menekse and Halil, at a restaurant.

I named her Feriha’s pocket venus star Hazal Kaya, has declared that she will refuse to have a block put under her feet from now onwards during the hugging scenes.

Hazal with her 1.58 cm height has a hard time reaching up to Cagatay at 1.90 cm.

Kivanc Kasabali and Sedef Avci has a very romantic start to their love story .

11 years ago when Sedef was chosen as the first runner-up in Miss Turkey, Kivanc Kasabali had already chosen her as his bride to be , and although he was supposed to escort Miss Turkey to the podium, he gave this honor to another friend and escorted Sedef to her place on the stage.

It was in 1980’s when all the females in my close vicinity, and even fathers and brothers’ of some of my friends (my father was not a part of this craziness and had a hard time understanding what all the drama!

Nowadays Beren has started dating a famous Turkish Pop Star , a long time heartbraker, Kenan Dogulu.

They were last seen first dancing romantically in a party in W hotel followed by a romantic dinner by the Bosphorus..

was about) were arranging their life according to the showtime of Dallas.

Golden hearted Bobby, his lovely wife Pamela, the evil JR and his troubled wife Sue Ellen were a part of our families than some of our 2nd degree cousins.

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