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If you are considering boosting some or all of the multiplayer trophies, which is highly recommended at this point in time due to the lack of activity on the Grand Theft Auto IV servers, or would like more detailed information about the online portion of the game then please refer to Prof Bambam55's Multiplayer Trophy Guide.

This is a modern, ultimate, in-depth guide for obtaining all the Grand Theft Auto IV multiplayer trophies.

That means no cheats activated during the session you are currently playing.

Some cheats don't disable trophies, so go ahead and use those if you want.

If you hit an opponents ball or pot one of their balls, that is a foul and your opponent can place the cue ball anywhere they want for their next turn.

It also works the other way around, then you can place the cue ball wherever. When the game automatically lines up a shot, don't go for it, you can make easy adjustments to get a better shot.

You will still have all your cheated guns and ammo.

But it doesn't count as having cheats activated for that session. You will learn all the wonderful things about America, just some of it may be a lie since it's coming from your cousin Roman.

By completing all the above steps, you should already have this trophy.He owns and operates his own taxi company, and you will be escorting him back to your guy's apartment in his own taxi (Buick GNX). You can't go over that number, that is " Go and call up a friend to play pool with and beat them.He will talk to you about all the good things about America, most of which he lied about; and Niko is discovering that Romans stories was just to get him to come the Americas and help out his cousin through the bad times and soon reach for the stars in Liberty City. You can play against your girlfriend Michelle if you wish; as she is bad at pool.If you destroy the car, you will respawn back at the start with no penalty. You have to hit treble 20, 3 times in a row, in one single turn.You arrive off the boat and meet your crazy cousin Roman. The treble 20 is the small red section of the black '20' in the top middle section of the board between the thick end and the thin end. To win a game of darts, follow these instructions and tips. To win, you need to achieve 0 points in the least amount of darts thrown against your friend.

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