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It’s simply a lighthearted game with some brilliant character moments that will make you smile and easily relate to Diya, Min-seo, Akarsha and Noelle—some of the most vibrant characters in videogames.Dragon Age: Inquisition Since the first installment, Dragon Age has been known for its queer inclusivity, and the third game in the series is no different; in fact, it goes several steps beyond its predecessors.The author, who goes by the pseudonym Obscura, is doing her part to combat the idea of gaming as the domain of heterosexual males: “About a year ago, I played a dating [simulation] from Japan on my i Pod,” she says.“Apparently dating sims are pretty big over there, and I thought, ‘Hey, this seems like a pretty simple type of game to design! ’ But Obscura says she couldn’t think of any hetero storylines that interested her.This, combined with the fact that I love drawing the male physique made this project a very natural outlet for me creatively.” Mechanics-wise, Coming Out on Top is not unlike other interactive titles—a little point-and-click, a little dialogue—and a lot of shirtless hunks. “I originally thought only female fans would be interested in something like this,” Obscura explains, “And out of that group, only a handful who’d be okay with Western-style art and a choose-your-own-adventure feel.I estimated this would be maybe seven people on this entire planet!

Inquisition also introduces Krem, the first transgender character to appear in a Bio Ware game.

Best of all: regardless of your gender or sexuality, you have several options for smooching and meaningful romances.

Dream Daddy Known as A Dad Dating Simulator, this is a visual novel published by Game Grumps that explores queer identity, fatherhood and love between men.

Gone Home If you haven’t played Gone Home yet, we won’t spoil how deeply queerness ties into its narrative—it’s worth seeing it for yourself.

It’s a game that trusts you to uncover every nook and cranny; to seek the truth and to reap its rewards.

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