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^■ SANSKRIT READER: WITH VOCABULARY AND NOTES BY CHARLES ROCKWELL LANMAN, Professor of Sanskrit in Harvard College. What the beginner needs is an elementary work comprehending both text and vocabulary in a single volume. Member of the Asiatic Society of Bengal, the Soci6t6 Astatique, and the Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland.' Corresponding Secretary of the American Oriental Society. And accordingly, this Reader is meant to furnish ample material for about fifty weeks' reading, in a course of three hours a week, and, with the text, the appropriate lexical apparatus. From this latter work I attempted to prepare some selections ; but the text is in so unsatisfactory a condition, that I relinquished the plan. is given for its interesting dramatic form (see Whitney, page xviii), bearing on Rigveda x.18.7 (86 1"), the verse and are among the most difficult.

For the Nala, I followed the edition of Buehler in his Third Book of Sanskrit^ ; for the Hitopadega, the text of Boehtlingk in the second edition of his Chrestomathy,^ and Mueller ; for the Katha-sarit-sagara, Brockhaus ; and for " Manu," Loiseleur Deslongchamps.

For the selections from the Maitrayani Sanhita, I am indebted to the kind- ness of its editor,^ Dr. The extracts from the Brahmanas naturally follow the editions of Weber and Aufrecht.

The chapters from Agwalayana are a reprint from Stenzler's edition, with some unimportant typographical licenses.

stand in connection Avith the Mantra selections Ivi., xlvii., Ixii., and xlvi. ^ The stanzas required for the wedding ceremonial are given in selections Iviii., Ivii., and Iv. I have written cch where "VYhitney (see § 227) writes ch.

Erom this the student will see why there are some selections consisting of only one or two stanzas. 9, 14, 16, 17, 18, 53, 154, and 155 (selections ), and i. This last hymn is mere trash, and would not have been included among the texts, had not A9walayana (at iv.6.18) prescribed that it be used as a burial-hymn ; but I could not allow room for the " Sun- hymns " (sauryani) and the "Blessings" (svasty-ayanani), which are also mentioned at iv.6.18. ■^ But some of the interesting orthograph- ical peculiarities of the Maitrayani Sanhita I have allowed to stand. f [vi] It is a pleasant duty to acknowledge my thanks to Boehtlingk, who, in a way no less generous than unexpected, volunteered to look over all the proofs of the classical part of the text.

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