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Maybe you are already in Beijing and are looking for more info on life in China’s capital?

The Beijing Expat Guide provides great information and resources for new or soon-to-be Beijing expats.

This section helps you to explore what to expect and potential challenges to help make the move successful.

Before moving to Beijing, or even before making the decision to do so, you will likely have many practical questions. This section also addresses practical topics you may want to consider ahead of time – air pollution, healthcare, what to bring, banking for expats, how to stay on top of your income taxes while abroad, how to stay connected, and more (besides all the obvious: packing).

They are likely different from someone who lives in an expat complex and has a car with driver.We do our own research and figure things out by just doing them, finding help independently when we need it.By now we have settled in and learned a lot about life in Beijing.One thing we learned is that there are many resources available but not one single place to find everything you need to know when starting out in Beijing. As we got the basics covered and ventured out more and more, we searched for more specific things.Like where to buy Thai basil and lemon grass in Beijing, how to use the bus system, what taxes to pay, etc., just the everyday normal life stuff that travel guides and relocation sites usually don’t cover.

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