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By distinguishing forced and arranged marriages, we can begin to see an overlap of the cultural logics that underpin arranged marriages and "modern" match-making practices.

Arranged marriage usually refers to a broad spectrum of practices in which parents or relatives act as matchmakers.

Some arranged marriages are the result of several different introductions organized by families or professional matchmakers, followed by chaperoned or unchaperoned meetings of the prospective couple.

The meetings serve as prelude to family discussions that culminate in a decision by the couple.

While it is necessary for us to condemn violent and coercive social practices such as forced marriages, we must not malign an entire culture as the loveless "other." What would that say about the quality of our love?It's often presumed to be the same thing as a forced marriage; coerced, dutiful, predictable — the very opposite of individual agency and romantic love.Due to the growth of international migration, the question of how Western states treat arranged marriages bears very serious consequences in terms of how we perceive the emotional lives of migrants and diasporic community members.For many, it is a smarter, more spiritual form of love because it prioritizes collective will and emotional labor over sexual impulse and selfish individuality.This is perhaps one reason why couples in arranged marriages express high levels of satisfaction in their relationships, sometimes more so than couples in love marriages.

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