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Instead, employment-based preferences -- mostly temporary -- are on the rise and have become the foremost means of entry for Filipinos to the United States. As a result, record high numbers of Filipinos are being deported.

More recently, the Absconder Apprehension Initiative was developed as part of the U. The Philippines were among those singled out as "al Qaeda active nations" because of terrorists in Basilan Island, despite the fact that it is only one of 7,100 islands in the Philippines.

The first wave of Filipinos to enter and remain in significant numbers immigrated to Hawaii from 1906 to 1935, working in sugar and pineapple plantations and later the farms of California as migrant laborers.Initially, Filipinos had not been barred from marrying white women.However, concerns of racial purity and mixed- race offspring prompted lawmakers to amend anti-miscegenation laws to include Filipinos.In cities like Reno and Las Vegas, Filipinos occupy jobs within the tourism industry as employees in hotels, shops and restaurants, and in the health care industry, primarily as nurses. Three major factors explain why female immigration is on the rise: preference and non-preference quotas; globalization of the economy has created a feminization of labor; and export-led growth strategy has weakened the Philippine's domestic market economy.These days, more than six in ten Filipino immigrants are women, according to the U. In 1980, the Philippines replaced China and Japan as the Asian country sending the largest number of immigrants to the United States. The portion of the Filipino American population that is foreign-born is declining: from 69 percent in 1990 to 50 percent between 19 (29 percent were second generation and 21 percent were third generation or later).

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