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But the coaching calls and community really helped me to absorb the material so that I ‘got it’ and it became second nature.I’m really glad that, for me, it was just one, big investment. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I loved Love U.♥ Jealousy & Cheating ♥ Compatibility♥ Being a Great Girlfriend ♥ Commitment ♥ Breaking Up ♥ Wants Vs Needs For the Class of 2015, this was hours of video content plus exercises and resources, weekly group coaching calls (which were recorded) and an online community (ie.a forum where we could post our dating and relationship dilemmas, and Evan and the other women would offer support and guidance).

Purchasing the course alone will make it affordable for more women, which is great.Don’t you just want to tear your hair out when you think about the fact that we spend more time on calculus than we do on communication? We need to have some semblance of control over this aspect of our lives.Unless you’re going to be an engineer, you don’t need calculus. And life is all about relationships, so communication and conflict resolution skills are paramount. Or as writer/author Mark Manson puts it:“Because when you’re in bed dying of nutsack cancer, you’re not thinking about how Napoleon got over-zealous in Russia or how the Meiji Restoration totally changed the face of Asian geopolitics or how organic compounds are conspiring to make your brain rot.Why, oh why, do we learn essentially f*ck-all about how to find and keep a loving partner with whom to form a lifelong union and, in most cases, have children?Doesn’t it make you steaming mad that one of the most pivotal aspects of a human being’s happiness – success in dating and relationships – isn’t covered in our educational institutions?

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