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I just got into dating sims (I watched the world god only knows and wanted to play them).The only one I played is Huniepop which idk if it even classifies as a dating sim.

There's the usual first-VN somebody plays, Katawa Shoujo. Warning for H-content ahead of time, but I think it can be disabled in Maou and Katawa Shoujo.I always thought it a bit weird that publishers would be more than willing to bring over half a dozen otome titles at the same time but would be willing to ignore/avoid the same thing targeted at a male audience despite whatever reception they might have received over the ocean.It's even gotten to the point where some pubs have released Vita and PC titles of this kind, in English, but only on PC.The list claims there to be a patch for the vita for english.Muv-luv is also commonly recommended iirc and is TBA for an english release in the (hopefully) near future.

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