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One night, the singer removed a group of girls' clothing, kissed and fondled them, and then fell asleep with them in his arms.Another night, Elvis requested that the girls engage in mud wrestling while wearing white underwear."He was fascinated with the idea of real young teenage girls."They are part of a wider social group that occasionally meet up for an evening out.There is no more to the story than that." Speaking about his former friendship with Elvis – which lasted up until the King of Rock and Roll's death in 1977 – Tom previously recalled: "We were friends until just before he died.It scared the hell out of all of us," said Lamar Fike, a former member of Elvis's entourage.Two years after his and Priscilla's divorce, when he was 39, he began seeing Reeca Smith, a 14-year-old friend of his stepbrother., Williamson writes of Shepherd's recounted experience, "He was a great kisser and very sweet, but not the stud she had expected.judge was a close friend of Elvis after the pair met in 1965, and went on to spend a lot of time with the music legend and his then-partner Priscilla in Las Vegas.

Elvis starts dating a 14-year-old named Priscilla Beaulieu. Her mother's infatuation with Elvis predates her own. Three days later in Memphis, he meets up with Anita Wood for the first time since he left the country.

Guralnick and Jorgensen used letters, receipts and financial records to tell Elvis' story. Elvis' mother Gladys gives up her job as a nurse's aide because the family is making too much money to qualify for public housing. She was also dating Robert Vaughn, and later said of Elvis, "He felt he had been given this gift, this talent, by God. He thought it was something that he had to protect. He tries to get her in bed that night but she declines.

She later went back to her job when Elvis became so tired he fell asleep during class. He had to be nice to people, otherwise, God would take it all away." In a Memphis newspaper Louis Armstrong tells a reporter, "I'm definitely gonna do a record with him. Elvis and his band part ways after they complain to the press about their compensation.

Elvis Presley's wife, Priscilla, was the only woman he officially married, but there were numerous other paramours along the way – like other rock stars with storied personal lives, Presley was not known for his fidelity.

Several were beauty pageant queens from Tennessee, and most had one thing in common: they were very young.

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