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This technology can significantly improve the performance of database systems.Although the idea of materialized views came up in the 1980s, only three database management systems, i.e.This study provide the details of basic data structures, mathematics, cost modeling, books, Ph.D thesis, links, glossary of key terms, benchmark database and critical analysis on past and present methods.DB2, Oracle, SQL Server, have been successfully developed completely enough with materialized views so far.The barrier lies in building a module that can incrementally update the materialized views automatically, which corresponds to data changes in the base tables.In contrast, a materialized view is a view whose contents are computed and stored.

To improve the query performance and to get fast access to the data, data is stored as materialized views (MV) in the data warehouse.

When a view is defined, the database system stores the definition of the view itself, rather than the result of evaluation of the relational algebra expression that defines the view.

Hence, a view is a derived relation defined in terms of base relations.

In last decade, many researchers have proposed the solution strategies for materialized view selection problem.

But year 2000 onwards, some advance techniques are used to find the solution e.g. This study is intended for the beginners in the domain of materialized view selection problem.

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We have analyzed and compartmentalized the available literature on the basis of relevant evaluation parameters. In these applications, current and historical data are comprehensively analyzed and explored, identifying useful trends and creating summaries of the data, in order to support high-level decision making in a data warehousing environment.

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