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In the rearview mirror, I couldn't help noticing the swell of her breasts jiggling as she arched her back. Then I glanced down at my still-hard erection, the glimpses of my daughter's flesh seared into my mind. It was hard to think of Tiffany, or any woman, when my teeth chattered. Her dress—a lavender affair with a plunging neckline that had shocked me when I saw it, though her mother told me to stop being a prude—rustled as she straightened up. When graduate student Julie Smith (Jessie Andrews) decides to uncover the naughty secrets of online dating for her thesis, she gets some happy and sexy surprises.Join Julie and friends for a sex filled journey of discovery…you just might learn a thing or two! I noticed the beauty of her face as she stared up at me, the smile playing on her impish lips, the glint in her blue eyes. Then Tiffany sauntered down the hallway, her hips shaking. “Just being a goofball.”She rolled her eyes and shook her head. Near her hip, the two ends parted, revealing her pale flesh up her side. The towel pulled farther apart, dragging on my bulge, and I caught a fleeting glimpse of curving buttocks before the pink terry cloth fell into place. Join Julie and friends for a sex filled journey of discovery... When graduate student Julie Smith (Jessie Andrews) decides to uncover the naughty secrets of online dating for her thesis, she gets some happy and sexy surprises.With her willing subjects too happy to oblige, Julie documents the current trends in sexting, internet dating and just plain hooking up.

Moonlight flashed about her generous curves as she led me beside our daughter's bed. I shuddered as the cum squirted out of me, mighty blasts that splashed across our daughter's stomach and tits, painting her in dripping cum. She gasped, sharing pleasure with our daughter, cumming on Tiffany's sweet face.“She's ready,” my wife moaned as her eyes rolled back in her head. My wife and daughter showered first so they could do all their magic, leaving me last. Mister.”“Yes, dear.”I stepped into the haze of steam. They were small, but looked firm, handfuls begging to be played with. I pushed up my wife's skirt, slid up her sleek stockings. I moved higher and found her flimsy panties, the crotch soaked. Her fingers parted Tiffany's labia, revealing pink, virginal depths. My wife tongued faster, juices staining her lips.“You have to taste her, Phil,” groaned my wife. Her hand reached in, pulling out my hard cock, stroking me.“Yes,” I groaned, breaking the kiss.“Let's go inside,” she purred. She climbed out of the car, adjusting her dress, then sauntered to the door. My wife darted down the hallway and then paused before our daughter's bedroom. I could only groan as my wife pressed against my side, her nipples hard on my flesh. My dick ached in her hand as I couldn't tear my gaze away from my daughter's sleeping form.“Isn't she blossoming into a beautiful, young woman? “Mmm, doesn't she make you ache with her sensuous form.”“Betty,” I groaned. Betty moaned as her tongue licked through the folds. She shuddered and squirmed on the bed, her thighs contracting. She moaned again, the sleepy gasps of a girl dreaming naughty passion. I groaned as my tongue flicked up to her clit, a small bud peaking out and begging to be played with.

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