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Of course she kept giving me a derp face so she get's no face shots -3-. Charlotte thought it would be romantic to watch the stars in the pouring rain. I let her because I didn't want her to have to be married to an old man. I got the groom off the Sims 3 exchange and Rema is a CAS girl I created specifically to be his wife.If anyone's interested in their story: and Bora aren't evil, but they sure as hell are two mean sonsabitches... The kissing couple: you propose maybe going out with me? Little Dog: Teee heee, look what I did in your picture. 3 Photos/soulmatesforlife_zps20196332Here they are against a backdrop. 3 Photos/storylineproposal_zps51017a39I can just hear every girl in Sunset Valley going "NOOOO! Nn I9I was playing the Bunches for a few days, and Lisa had some definite chemistry with Parker Langerak. :) Another full grown couple, Michelle and Phillip. protected]/8751100258/) 2d ( protected]/8751100258/) by tatygirl90 ( protected]/), on Flickr And this is his twin, Deborah, with her college lad, Kaz. face after their first kiss is adorable farmer sim Pete Marx & his new girlfriend Ellie Baker on their first date : PHere's my couple from Glen Harbor that first settled the town.

^ ^ Oz & Kenshin Lore-Liam Steven by FREDOM 55 and Gina Lore-Lou Harebirch can't help it, Gina looks good as a woman and as a guy :p your couples ngluvjj! : D Oz & Kenshin Getting ready to attend a club party. His name is actually "Joao" in Portuguese because he's (supposedly) originally from Brazil but I can't get the tilde symbol to work. This is Evilyn Again (For the ones who've gone through the newer post on the Female sims post V5, And as for the others... Logan I downloaded from the fantastic Jocker, and Ashe I made myself. Jones Jones/Screenshot-327First couple I moved in the new world I downloaded called Sanford Bay. anyone knows who this couple and apartment building is based on I'll give them a cookie anyone knows who this couple and apartment building is based on I'll give them a cookie For some reason I want to say it's the couple from Facade. Hattie Belle and Hayden Benson Bits19/134Brendon Asher & Aria Peake c: after their wedding, my game crashed. If anyone is handy with the creation of accessories, message me! SUPER COOL GUYS 0.o NNacide77/couple2 NNacide77/couple1My avatar sim, Evrard Rochenoire, a nerdy-loner journalist who spent most of his time at home typing fictional stories and news. He created a fictional female character based on his dream-type then wrote a short story of her and himself in a romantic way. Llama/Flitt Legacy Chapter Two/Screenshot-110-2Here's Penelope Flitt and Iqbal Alvi. For some reason I want to say it's the couple from Facade. @cesarisaias95: Love the wedding arch, you have to tell me where you got it! I didn't save at all, so this is going to be the third time I redo their wedding (the first time the groom's mother came and then died so there was no wedding cause right after she died nobody would sit down and his sister and father said the party blew and went home). He traveled to Champs Les Sims to have some adventures and make a journal based on them then finally...Colette Price and her fiancé Charles Pugh (both Evansdale County natives) and their first-born Chelsea. They seem to have a special kind of dedication to romance. new favorite family James and Victoria Mc Neal been almost two years since I've posted on here, wow!!'s twelve year old Cory Frankovitch with her twelve year old husband Angel. They just finished University and about to start life, working to gain the finer things. 1/The Sims 3 Part 4/Asaand Demetra Pappaioanou and Antoinette Girard, enjoying the Winter Festival in Isla Paradiso (which doesn't make much sense, considering Isla Paradiso is supposed to be an exotic island): and Christal 3/Screenshot-345_zpsea027ff3 3/Screenshot-346_zpsa9ae6b87 3/Screenshot-343_zps0ab35a84*** Kale and Hayley 3/Screenshot-143_zpsbfb4f0 3/Screenshot-144_zpsec2c5865 3/Screenshot-145_zpse6f1513 3/Screenshot-148_zpsd9949608*** Jett and Emma 3/Screenshot-95_zps41683f89 3/Screenshot-63_zpsd19853c2.jpg Jim Moriarty and Sebastian Moran, from BBC Sherlock/ Arthur Conan Doyle because Seb hasn't appeared yet on the BBC version. Rzl I just don't do attractive, glamourous Sims, do I? They aren't attracted to each other (although you wouldn't know it) and are probably more prone to cheat on each other than anyone else, but the couple that's made together stays together: Anyway, here's Ren and Leda, my newest sim couple in Island Paradise, excuse the image quality, I didn't realise they were going to turn out so bad, I need to change the settings. bilder kostenlos hochladen ( Ouwagu Family. Sorry for the sucky quality and the fact that they're kind of hard to make out. :|Jaboy and Belle 3/Screenshot-29_zpsf90520 3/Screenshot-10_zps6d40b5f7 3/Screenshot-13_zps36b20aa6 3/Screenshot-14_zps31d758c0.jpg Sims/TS3/Lobos/Screenshot-674_zps8296 Sims/TS3/Lobos/Screenshot-675_zps93698366Carlotta Lobos and Susie Broke, now YAs.

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