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A major publisher of tricolor view-cards of the Great Lakes region. Most of their cards tend to have a distinct look as they were printed in crisp RGB colors with small red block lettering.A publisher of woodblock prints re-cut from earlier ukiyo-e (floating world) images.

Minnie Wilberg, Akron, Iowa, from Adolph.” Lacking date. Description Color postcard of exterior of hospital building above the Miller Pharmacy. Hall purchased the Himes Studio in 1938 where he began selling his own real photo postcards. After some success in selling packets of postcards in 1910 Joyce Clyde Hall set ub his own distribution business the following year.By 1912 his brother Rollie jouned him and they began printing greeting cards as they saw the postcard market failing.All their inventory was lost to a fire in 1915 but they recovered and continued publishing.In 1917 they invented gift wrapping and they became the first company to advertise cards on a national basis.

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