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Tourism, especially eco-tourism, is increasing rapidly, with about 30,000 visitors in 2001.

Another large source of income is interest paid on money the government has in the bank.

In Spanish, the territory was designated as Islas Malvinas (Falkland Islands).

These license fees total more than million per year, which help support the island's health, education, and welfare system. Dairy farming supports domestic consumption; crops furnish winter fodder.

Foreign exchange earnings come from shipments of high-grade wool to the UK and the sale of postage stamps and coins.

The name "Falkland" was applied to the channel by John Strong, captain of an English expedition which landed on the islands in 1690.

Strong named the strait in honour of Anthony Cary, 5th Viscount of Falkland, the Treasurer of the Navy who sponsored his journey.

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