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It is likely due to the code injected in your Word Press database, this lead your Word Press site to redirect to another site.Generally, a 🔴malicious Word Press Hacked Redirect is detected through the site’s front end when a visitor is redirected to any other page instead of the page or any website he requested.That said, I'll convert this thread into a sticky for use in reporting this type of issue. @Lark Anderson - here's another that just randomly popped up, went to... re-rediected me to some article about breastfeeding, little odd as far as intrusive redirects go. The ads are seriously intrusive, back button just recycles the link and makes reading the website IMPOSSIBLE on mobile.

Commonly used tricks to change the website’s redirection includes: If any malicious script is added by hackers it’s often named to look like a legitimate file like that’s the part of Word Press core files on the website.

Hackers can add malicious code to wp-content/plugins or wp-content/uploads folders, .htaccess, wp-includes, wp-content/themes, or file.

and stickied: To summarize, we have a zero tolerance policy towards mobile ads that automatically redirect you to another page or to the App Store.

Today's awful advertisement goes to whatever ad takes to: getting re-direct from mobile pages and taken here, where it tells me either I can increase my mobile browsing speed by downloading such and such software, or other times tells me I have a virus but can remove it by installing software.

Can't you guys do your ad system through companies that prohibit such behavior and vet those they do business with?

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Most Word Press redirect plugins store 301 redirects in the Word Press database.

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