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And if the relationship goes bad not maintaining it and overlooking your partners flaws just because they fulfill a fetish.

Am I talking out my ass, or is this possible with a pair of reasonable people?

We expect men to be treated as full people in their own right by their partners from the outset, while expecting women to settle for being loved (or “loved”) conditionally, AS thin/fat women, young/‘mature’ women, or white/of color women.

When I read pieces like this, I feel like Americans must be living in a paradise.

Put up accurate photos and leave it; if you are having middling thoughts about your size afterwards, it's because you know that you need to do something about it, but prefer the feel good route out of stubbornness.

Being fat alone isn't going to seclude you to single island forever, guys will still want a steady supply of sex and most of them can't afford to import Filipinas, lol.

Seeming impossible, however, doesn't mean it actually is.

I no longer even keep my OKC profile active, because all I got were men from other countries trying to run immigration scams, and men writing to insult me, and my messages to men who sounded like they had compatible values, lifestyles, careers, etc. America is mostly fat, and dating as a plus sized woman is literally just dating.

I guess something like a non-persistent dom/sub relationship where in the bedroom/sex dungeon/whatever the sub calls the dom master or whatever but as soon as the scene ends, the power dynamic goes back to being equal.

Using the kink the fuel the relationship where it comes into play, but not making everything about how your partner is whatever your kink is.

Oh, the amount of Nigerian and Russian “romance” scam artists is too high for the low number of users on here.

Within half an hour of reviewing profiles I sent no less than eight messages to the developer letting them know that they had one profile picture or pictures showing up under two different names.

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