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Skinny.“ ","fr":"« Nous savons que beaucoup de nos clients aiment customiser leurs jeans en leur donnant des jambes plus fuselées et ajustées pour obtenir un effet “deuxième peau“ à l'image d'un modèle vintage Levi's Skinny. Il devint alors synonyme de rébellion.","es":"Apadrinado por rebeldes y pandilleros, en el cine y en las calles, el 501, vietati in molte scuole negli anni '50, abbracciarono la controcultura sullo schermo e nella vita reale, assicurandosi lo status di ribelli.","sv":"På 50-talet var det många skolor som förbjöd dem på grund av de som bar dem inom populärkulturen.» ","es":"“Somos perfectamente conscientes de que la gente personaliza sus vaqueros: les ajusta la pierna, les quita tela de aquí y allá y los convierte en una pieza vintage. Their tough and durable exterior made them the perfect thing to wear while dealing with ranches, gold mines, and so many other kinds of bootstrapping.Later, they became a symbol of cool, a go-to choice for rebellious youth and rebels with or without a cause.The rule of thumb is to subtract two inches from the marked size to figure out the actual size.This may seem weird, but there’s a reason why vintage Levi’s don’t measure according to the size that they are marked. I’m sure a lot of you have seen ‘shrink to fit’ on a Levi’s label and that’s what it means. Vintage Levi’s have already been worn, washed, & shrunk so that work is out of the way for you.That means that the fabric from the back panel wraps around your rear to give it a hug & lift.

Depending on the era of your 517 it can be high waist or more of a mid-rise. The flare on the 517 is slight, so it gives you a chance to create the illusion of longer legs with a heel peeking out of that little bell. The back and front panels are equal width, unlike the 501. Like the 517, a 505 from the 70s will have a higher waist than a pair from the 80s or 90s.As a follow up, I met up with Toni, the gal behind my go-to shop for vintage Levi’s, Fairseason, to get her tips on our our favorite denim.Both Toni and I are frequently asked about sizing and the various styles, so she’s sharing everything you ever wanted to know about buying vintage Levis.If your waist is 28″ look for jeans that measure about 14″ flat at the waist. Current brands often employ a strategy called ‘vanity sizing,’ which means that if your waist measures 28″, your modern size off the rack will be a 26 or 27. It tells women that we should be smaller than we actually are. 3) When you’re shopping for vintage Levi’s and the back or inside tag is still legible take a look at the waist measurement.It also creates overall confusion because each brand has a different sizing strategy that doesn’t address our real bodies. If the jeans you’re looking at are marked size 30, they’ll most likely fit a 28″ waist.

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517s from the 70s, which often have an orange tab on the back pocket, have more of a high waist look, while 90s 517s are more of a mid-rise. Levi’s 505 – This is a straight leg, mid rise cut with a zipper fly.

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