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Dragged to a peculiar party by his friends, the reluctant Jon Snow gets much more than he bargained for during an anonymous 'date in the dark' with a captivating woman who seems eerily familiar to him.

After solving the riddle of her identity, Jon must decide whether to capitalize on their chemistry under the guise of ignorance, or to come clean about his identity and the true nature of their relationship before things go too far.

When Jason finally meets Emma, he finds her extremely beautiful and charming, she has a deadly combination of both brains and beauty and Jason falls head over heels in love with her.

Everything seems perfect but with a slight glitch, Jason has pretended himself to be blind as well.

Even Barry gets a steady girlfriend and our hero becomes desperate for a soul mate.

But even after enrolling for a number of blind dates and matrimonial services, he remains single.

He is neither normal enough to adjust in society nor different enough to garner special attention.

That’s why irrationality and a touch of madness can be so appealing to the unconscious.

And a woman who can muster irrational abandon and Dionysiac sexuality will exert and irresistible pull on him (this is one of the reasons men are attracted to the woman dancing the craziest possible way in the club). She uses a dionysiac spirit of irrationality to make him want to posses her.

Notice his reaction, when he says: However, the above techniques are nasty and high quality men will not stick around when you play them. If you’ve ever wondered what make some men obsess over some women, chances are that they use a mix of the above techniques.

Caught between a schizophrenic mother and boring job, he is in much worse condition than the svelte, self confident Emma.

Though she is the one who suffers from a handicap, it is actually Jason who is the real victim.

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