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Their children and grandchildren do not speak the language, nor do they know much about the culture. Many questions remain: What was life like when their ancestors lived in Europe? You will have an opportunity to listen to music your Ancestors and Slovak Friends listened to in the past and presently listen to.

Additionally, Bratislava is rated as the sixth richest region in the European Union when comparing GDP per capita, according to the EU statistics office.Stereotypes are everywhere; and every country is a victim.You may have heard stereotypes about people from larger countries like France or Germany, but did you know that Slovaks fall prey to their own set of stereotypes too?However, the Czech Republic and Slovak Republic officially separated in 1993 and became their own, independent nations. While we are on this subject, there is also no such thing as a Slovakian, while there is such as thing as a Slovenian. Many former Soviet Union countries are often stereotyped as being lazy and unwilling to work after emerging from a Communist economy.Still, almost 25 years later, many of the world’s older generations get confused or forget about the dissolution of Czechoslovakia. However, casting all Slovak people as lazy and incompetent is grossly ignorant, as Slovakia continually demonstrates a high level of economic progress, according to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).

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