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Believe it or not, you don’t need to see a hypnotherapist to be hypnotized. It is best to think of hypnosis as a skill that you can learn that’s similar to mindful meditation.

When you engage in hypnosis, including erotic hypnosis, you are stimulating your active imagination.

He was called a charlatan – a conman who was selling the psychological version of snake oil.

But as time went on and perceptions about hypnosis changed, he work began to gain acceptance.

is a heightened state of awareness that occurs on the conscious and subconscious level.

At the time, many in the medical community challenged his assertions with many folks suggesting it was the stuff of quackery.This is what famous psychologist Carl Jung believed helped a person access pathways to the the psycho-spiritual world.This can be helpful when dealing with issues involving pain or psychological barriers to pleasure.Before we explore 10 facts about erotic hypnosis, it is important to have a realistic idea of what hypnosis is.Therefore, I’m going to provide you a straightforward definition of this term, free of clinical jargon.

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When you think of hypnosis, think of it as a tool that you can call upon to step into a world of calmness and inner peace.

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