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250K is the impedance of the potentiometer, but it is the number to the right you should take a closer look at.

From 1958 and onwards Hofner potentiometers where stamped with two or three digits, for example 309, where the first digits stands for week and the last digit indicates year of manufacture. Note however that this not necessarily means a guitar made in 1959, only that the potentiometer was made that year.

Another way of finding out the approximate year of manufacture, is by looking at the potentiometers.

Loosen the two screws holding the controlplate, turn it upside down and you will find some numbers.

This means different instruments can have identical codes..!

An example of the inaccuracy that occurs when it comes to dating, based on the different codes, is this.

One of my own Club´s is stamped 126-1063, which indicates an instrument imported to Sweden in October 1963, but on the other hand the potentiometer code is 311, indicating week 31 in 1961. Is there anybody out there who have come across a similar number?

The rarer guitars from the 70s, 80s are harder to deal with as parts are now hard to find. The USA distributors in the 60s and 70s used their own serial number systems and we do not have information about these.Thanks to Paul Mc Cartney and the Beatles, the Hofner 500/1 Violin Bass shot to stardom and has since become a legendary instrument -- it's even been called the "Beatles Bass." First produced in the late '50s by the German company Hofner and then distributed to the U.K., the 500/1 has been in production until today, its unique, violin-like body shape inspiring the design of many others.Its semi-hollow body and hot, blade-style pickups are just a few of the parts that make up the singular Hofner 500/1 Violin Bass.Information concerning which year a certain model was introduced, or when configurations where changed, varies a lot.

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